Hello Ladies! (Forreals this time!!)

So…while this is not Dance Dance Party Party-LA’s first post, this is probably the first post you’re reading, so welcome!! I’ve spent many an hour trying to make this blog fun and informative and I hope you love it an visit often!!

On to more important info…the DANCING!! DDPP-LA has made an amazing debut in the Summer of 07 and I want to thank everyone who has come and supported us! That being said, now it’s time to really get the word out so we can spread the phenomenon!

The next DDPP-LA will be Sunday, September 2nd which means you have a few weeks off, but more importantly a few weeks to get your girls there!! I will still be sending out weekly emails, for a while anyway, but always check back here for the latest info. In fact, why don’t you go ahead and bookmark this page, go on, ok good.

Have a great rest of your summers and get ready for the fall!!




One Response

  1. Bring it on, Girl… Bring It.

    I have been watching So you think you can dance, and I totally have stolen some of their moves…

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