lot’s of announcements!

1. You have a new host/dj this Sunday 1/27

Casey MacGregor one of our newest DDPP girls has offered to run the show this Sunday!! She read about us in BUST magazine, came and loved it! So please come and support her!

2. DDPP on the radio!!

There is going to be a story about DDPP on this NATIONAL radio show called Weekend America this Saturday! (WOOO WOO!)

Here’s a page for what stations it’s carried on around the country and
when it’s on:


3. NEW TIME in Feb!!

February 3, 10, and 17 DDPP LA will be from 530p-630p, same location. Scheduling conflicts with the studio required this change, but I’m excited to see who this new time will bring. So those of you that haven’t been able to crawl out of bed early on Sundays now have a chance to see what we’re all about. And depending on how you girls respond, I’m willing to change things on a more permanent level…but what is permanent, really??

So have a great time this Sunday and I’ll see you in February!!




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